Statistically Interesting?

The search stats from earlier today when I got started composing this post — I notice also that Teagan and his situation continue to bring visitors, sadly, to this blog.

Although Iʼm not sure just how monumental the occasion mightʼve been, we missed the chance to make a milestone for Wakdjunkagaʼs Blog on Wednesday, January 26. The ClustrMaps™ counter had the blog within 144 “unique daily visits” of 11,000 in a year (I evidently first found* and loaded the widget on January 27, 2010). Randomly thinking such an “accomplishment” might be vaguely cool, I put out a brief plea-status on Facebook asking my friends, all 391 of them, to bother making a visit to the blog so we would go over the 10,000 mark. Ironically, certainly not sadly, the effort fell 23 short, at least according to ClustrMapsʼ accounting. (Of course, meanwhile, WordPressʼs own count of all hits and clicks on the blog is gradually closing in on 75,000 — somehow, although I know I can personally influence that number easily, as I did far too many days in 2010, that greater accumulation is also fascinating to me.)

Since Iʼm on the subject of statistics, I was amused to discover that someone had arrived at the blog earlier today by searching for “durwood wakdjunkaga.” (Of course perhaps the same person or someone else had reached the blog looking for information on “gloria petesch.” Now that Iʼve mentioned her by name for a second time, possibly that visitor will feel gratified the next time s/he goes looking. — I did miss out on the opportunity to get a bit of substitution work for Mrs. Petesch on Wednesday because Janet already had an appointment for me in Dubuque, along with a lunch date together. I wonder if the two events are connected.) I assume the first searcher had to be someone who knows me, but I guess I donʼt really know that.** It just struck me as funny that Durwood, my pseudonym, has realized (if that word is even sarcastically correct) a googly kind of digital/æthereal existence.

Statistically, my most popular posting remains my lengthy discussion (and associated pictures?) of Impressionist art.**** Each day dozens of searchers wind up at the blog, however briefly, at least according to WordPressʼs system, in search of images or information about various Impressionists, assorted specific works and related information discussed in that post. My Gödel Escher Bach*** mention also still elicits considerable attention. After that things get pretty random, although the Maltese Falcon essay usually garners a hit or five most days, and I have been amused at how many people want information about The Sunbird, too.

This is a sad and self-centered excuse for a post (and also extremely bloggishly self-referential), but now at least there is something up for today that will remind me of the not-making-11,000 nonevent someday in the future. And now I should check out what I posted a year ago to see what changes need to be made…

Hey! Last January 27, I had finished (and posted the conclusion of) “Details, Details,” which is great, and that also means simply undoing those unfortunate pull quotes and making them actual indentations. Off to work now.

* I first noticed the widget on the site of friend (by-marriage?) BookMama, who has an excellent blog. And I copied her example by signing up with ClustrMaps myself (I think the very same day; I tend to work like that, with spontaneous folly).

** I did make a joke about the Andrew speech team, who did very well at district contest with two pieces I wrote (“Oh Gawd, Itʼs Storytime Again” and “Medea” for those who might remember their own high school speech years), perhaps writing Durwood Wakdjunkaga a check for royalties after their success. Hmmm, as income of any kind from my writing would be so much more than merely welcome, maybe I should insist…

*** That post also harvests hits for the Janus discussion specified in the title. (If youʼre wondering why I reversed the order for this and the previous/next footnote, the Impressionist reference seemed to make a better closing (and I added that footnote last, too).

**** It is time to make that link into an item for the list to the right of Fiction and Essays, and to combine the Tarzan and Sunbird essays into individual Longer Items themselves. I have a little bit of Magickal Monkey Enterprises, Ltd, S.A. editing to do first, but you should check back soon to see how quickly I got going on the blog improvements…

©2011 John Randolph Burrow, Magickal Monkey Enterprises, Ltd, S.A.

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