Blizzard Warning

I figured I should have a post up for the first day of this new month, regardless how grim and gloomy this day and tomorrow are supposed to be. So as yesterday drew toward a 5:00 quitting time, I came up with a little something…

I spent Monday, when I wasn’t being idle, battening down the hatches in preparation for the Big Winter Storm on its way from the Southwest. The thing’s supposed to be worse to our south, but our forecast just keeps deteriorating — winter storm watch to winter storm warning to blizzard warning. Somehow between Monday evening and Wednesday afternoon, we are supposed to pick up (which is decidedly what I’m going to have to do) at least a foot of snow. Some models are saying “up to a foot,” and I would personally prefer to believe in them, especially in the lower and of that prediction.

On the other hand here in our non-idyllic portion of the great American Midwest, it never pays not to be prepared. So as soon as I dictate a few words to have some kind of post up early Tuesday morning (as the first storm winds down and the day hangs indecisively in suspense for the arrival of the second), I’m going to make sure our snowblower starts. I’m not sure my left elbow can stand pushing and tossing that much snow repeatedly for a day and a half, no matter how much I may need the exercise self-administering that elbow injury would involve.

Right now I’m not feeling too excited about life in the Midwest. Janet may or may not be able to get to work either today/Tuesday or tomorrow/Wednesday, or she may end up stranded in Dubuque this evening as the big blizzard dumps its white load all over us. I guess if she and I are separated overnight (I hope it’s not going to be longer), I could perhaps use the time to get some of the submissions I’ve been talking about lately actually printed, enveloped, postaged and ready to go. Alternatively, I could also do what I did on Monday, watch DVDs…

I had checked out from the library three Lord Peter Wimsey adaptations (not the old Ian Carmichael ones, but new ones, wihich I had missed on PBS, with Edward Petherbridge), and I spent Monday morning watching Strong Poison. It was good. I still have two more to see before I have to get them all returned. My exercise for Monday was walking that DVD back to the library and A Single Man, which we had rented for Saturday night, to the video store. Not much. I hope I do better battling the storm.

And now it’s time, heigh ho heigh ho, to get outside and shovel some snow.

Has anyone noticed that, true for once to my word, I have been revising the layout on last yearʼs posts? Weʼre “up-to-date,” so to speak, through todayʼs date a year ago. Check it out if you wish.

©2011 John Randolph Burrow, Magickal Monkey Enterprises, Ltd, S.A.

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