Scattering Seeds

Todayʼs post is the most scattershot collection of nothing-in-common I have ever put up (and I posted some really miscellaneous conglomerations early last year). As I will have to refill the bird feeder once I get this scheduled and finished, the title fits in many ways.


I caught a glimpse of the cardinal at our bird feeder on Friday (before I refilled the whole tube so that I could refill the whole tube again on Saturday — dang, greedy little juncos and sparrows!). I thought I would include the picture today in this pretty random harvest of this and that. Enjoy.

Can you see the cardinal? (Once again shot through a screened window)



Because I seem to get at least two hits a day searching for Carrie and/or Teagan, I thought I would include the address to connect for Carrieʼs very regular updates on Teaganʼs situation, making those searches that land here a little more worthwhile. Here it is:



Reflective safety vest in action, terrifying in this case the birdies…

On Friday afternoon, with Qwest in its inimitable fashion kicking out my internet connection every five minutes (no kidding, no exaggeration — it got so bad that I finally called them on it, and had a mechanized voice try to take me through examining my own cable connections at home, of which all were perfect, of course, while I am sure something got done invisibly on the Qwest end because after that I had continuous service until I shut down for the day, most irregular [ironic word choice]), I took a walk to deliver a DVD, The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio (a great flick, definitely recommended), and an audio book The Lovely One had finished. To that I added a hike out to the Y to resign my almost entirely unused three-year-old membership (thinking I will save that $35 a month and instead rejoin the hospitalʼs fitness center at $200 per annum*), which I get to retain until they actually end the membership on February 24 (just to get greedily one more monthly payment from my checking account). On the way around town, about three miles or a little more, I discovered that our fair city hasnʼt bothered yet to shovel out (okay, in their case, blow or plow) any of the sidewalks along city property (except probably downtown at the city hall). I was glad I wore my dork reflective green vest, considering the busy streets in which I had to stroll. Worse, perhaps, every intersection in town was a hillside of snow to climb to get back on the sidewalk! Pedestrians, the bottom of the civic list of importance, clearly.



The Chronories window

Finally, most of these notions are here because I recorded them daily in a cool little program I acquired back in December as part of a shareware bundle. The software is Chronories, a daily record/diary/computer spy program, and so far I like it a lot. (I have certainly done better at keeping a journal than I ever did trying to dictate one in 2010.) Right now, Chronories, Evernote, Firefox (which gets overused by me) and Scrivener (which I need to use more than I have lately) are about my favorite pieces of software on my computer.



Itʼs SuperBowl Sunday**, but you may feel confident that something pretty odd would have to happen if Janet or I tune into Fox today before itʼs time for the special Glee broadcast theyʼve been promising for weeks. Sports and me? Separate realities.


* Now that membership will get a lot more use than it ever has, for the next eighteen days, just because I am peeved at the greed of not stopping my membership immediately! — By the way, you can do the math between $35 monthly and $200 annually to see the savings (and having enjoyed the hospitalʼs fitness center years ago, I may even use that).

** Maybe Iʼll head over to the Y today. With Americaʼs favorite nonholiday in progress, probably no one will be there.

©2011 John Randolph Burrow, Magickal Monkey Enterprises, Ltd, S.A.

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