Worthless Person

I have been finding that I have nothing much to say lately. Thus the absence of posts you probably hadnʼt noticed. Somehow I am just wasting all of my time, not even finishing some dictation. And reciting aloud what I have already written should be easy. Shouldnʼt it?

I also need to actually print out some old material and get it in the mail. But I seem to fill each entire day without remembering those chores. Sigh. I am worthless (I hope only temporarily). At least I have a few substitute teaching jobs on tap, and proofreading/editing work does keep trickling in. Serving time in a classroom and helping edit other peopleʼs writing have been my only actual accomplishments this month. That and feeding the birds, which have developed a definite taste for our seed, requiring daily refills of the plastic tube. I am sure they appreciate my efforts as little as I do.

(I am hoping that by ridiculing and needling myself, unfortunately accurately, I might stimulate me to get out of this rut.)

So thereʼs nothing much here.

Therefore, I would like to recommend a few other blogs that I enjoy. Two of them have personal connections for me, and the last is just very worthwhile. First, a former student is overseas for a semester, studying in Berlin, and she has set up a blog to recount her adventures. I think she is doing an extremely nice job, and I read her posts regularly. Her site is here.

With the arrival of this new year, nephew Tim got re-inspired to post to his blog. His observations are good, and unlike me he likes posting video links. Check it out here. My nephew has also taken up movie criticism, with some interesting results. His movie-reviewing blog is here. He is certainly doing much better than I of late! (And I want to check with him about Netflix, the source of his movies to review, as The Lovely One and I are definitely going to dump the movie channels and acquire a Netflix account. Unfortunately, I really know nothing about Netflix.)

Third (or fourth, if you count Timʼs two blogs as two), if you are interested in writing, I stumbled on a very well written and useful blog about a year ago because of my interest in Scrivener (which just had an update to their version 2 for Mac). The classy lady behind this blog actually has good ideas, offers insightful advice and tips from her experiences, knows Scrivener deeply and well, and is vastly more professional about attempting this career than I. The blog is The Edited Life.

Finally, I spent most of Tuesday afternoon reading a fine article in The New Yorker on Scientology. Perhaps itʼs simply time-lagged jealousy, but Hubbardʼs invented religion has always perturbed me. Now I discover that under its current (mis-)management itʼs even scarier than I had imagined or previously read or heard. The article is thoroughly worth reading, here. If the troublesomely “insane” garp on Thetan Level III seems intriguing, here it is. I also got some information here. Supposedly, although I couldnʼt locate it, the actual leaked documents are on Wikileaks. Terrifyingly nonsensical.

There. Since I am offering nothing for anyone to read recently, you can check out some of the places where I have been reading. Enjoy.

©2011 John Randolph Burrow, Magickal Monkey Enterprises, Ltd, S.A.

4 thoughts on “Worthless Person

  1. Netflix is great! We have had it about 2 years. I love being able to get old movies and foreign and indie flicks. You can also stream some of the movies over your computer.

    • Thanks for the help, Colleen! When The Lovely One and I had lunch with Dawn and Kevin on Saturday, I grilled them (particularly her) bout their service, and I am pretty sure that sometime next week, perhaps this weekend, our movie channels are toast (as they need to be), and weʼll be signed up for Netflix.

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