Meeting Up with… Stupid

Concision is considered the epitome of good style. Although suffering myself from a unmastered and powerful tendency toward logorrhea, as most regular readers of this blog must be uncomfortably aware already, I believe I agree — keep it short, stupid!

Even the dictionary online shows “meet up with” as nothing more than “meet.”

So what’s up with the needlessly awful and worthlessly verbose contemporary locution “meet up with?”

(I did promise you that I would deal with this topic a few posts ago.) “Meet/met up with” is pointlessly wordy and therefore not needed. At all. (In the interest of brevity, the lack of which is whatʼs wrong with “met up with,” this post will be kept short.)

“Met up with” contains two more words than it needs. Generally people use the phrase to mean “encountered” or “arranged a meeting.” For instance, “I met up with her accidentally at lunch.” Or, “She met up with me for lunch.” In neither case are the unnecessary adverbs/prepositions required. That means no “up” or “with.”

And thereʼs a worthless neologism, too. Whatʼs wrong with “meeting”?

Both sentences should be shortened appropriately: “I met her accidentally at lunch” and “She met me for lunch.” The “up with” adds nothing, means nothing, serves no purpose whatsoever, except verbosity.

“To meet” means to meet. Nobody needs the extra words after it, although evidently everybody*, even folks I like and otherwise respect, even folks of my own advanced age, seem to feel some need to throw the excess baggage in.

Why? It’s just unnecessary, and that lack of need makes the locution simply wrong.

Contrary perspectives, as always, are welcomed because I canʼt see at all why people ever started with this pointless phrase. I would be curious to find out what makes it so omnipresently appealing.


The Qwest Check Page (not working right at 12:15)


On another hand, speaking of meetings, I spent this morning sitting around, doing the pointless time-wasting I have usually stewed lately (and not much more), waiting for a service technician from Qwest to arrive and repair our internet connection! (Yes, persistent complaining does eventually work, regardless how hard the corporation makes it to successfully complain.**) Amusingly, however, their link to track my servicepersonʼs progress indicated no such thing scheduled for today. I did, however, bother to call the phone number indicated, and the mechanical responder did know that the technician had been dispatched and was on his way…

So I patiently waited and turned our modem off and on again thrice during the morning. (Letʼs hope I get this posted successfully without service interruptus.)

Nothing by the time I posted this shortly after noon. The e-mail promised me that the service call would occur between 9:00 AM and 1:00 PM (and I have plans for an hour or two away from La Casa Wakdjunkaga later this afternoon, too, if only to get a little mild exercise). Hoping to get this up and available before that 1:00 deadline, I guess weʼll see…



Today marks an important meeting with destiny, by the way. Congratulations to the people of Egypt for their encounter with history and the successful rejection of Mubarakʼs tyranny.


* Everybody but (at least) me, apparently.

** I may have a post/essay on dealing with Qwest service soon (weʼll see how this occurrence goes today).

©2011 John Randolph Burrow, Magickal Monkey Enterprises, Ltd, S.A.

3 thoughts on “Meeting Up with… Stupid

  1. The first paragraph caught my attention.
    I am not naturally loquacious. Is concision considered the epitome of good style? Many posts I read are so long that I find myself skimming. I prefer to read and write short posts, but I had the impression I was in the minority.

    • To the best of my admittedly narrow knowledge, since the Modernists of the early XX, the dominance of journalism and Hemingway, yes, precision and concision are desirable qualities.

  2. “although evidently everybody*, even folks I like and otherwise respect, even folks of my own advanced age, seem to feel some need to throw the excess baggage in”

    I’m down with that.

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