Frustrating Friday

The blog went over 75,000 hits* by WordPressʼs accounting yesterday. Not impressive when big-time blogs get at least that many hits a day, but a bigger number than some others that I read. Wow. Letʼs all celebrate.

Could you smell the sarcasm with which I ended that paragraph? Yeah. Iʼm not really feeling very enthused, to tell the truth (and thatʼs what I always do, truth-tell). Why this stench of vindictiveness? Yesterday wasnʼt a good day overall, in the end.

I spent Friday afternoon infuriated at having to resurrect some text I had written (and then lost). And failing. The magic of restoring what has dissipated into the electronic æther is beyond my mortal means.

Even Time Machine couldnʼt locate the correct information. Or at least when I opened the restored document in Scrivener, the information that Time Machine indicated was present was nothingness. Again. And again. I myself had created the problem by trying to use a file synchronization program to back up my files to a flash drive and a back-up disk. I think I let the two-way sync interfere with what was actually newer on the hard drive about fifteen days ago.

Anyway, the text was gone, a crucial revision of the action in “Mistakes by Moonlight” that now I will have to reinvent all over again. Itʼs time to start using snapshots in Scrivener (which I just left this document to do for “Mistakes” before some filthier accident occurs).

Worst of all, my hysterical efforts on Friday comprised the third time I have dictated and typed some of that information! Itʼs like a Demonic Force from Above is out to get me. Or keep Judah from achieving reality.

Furthermore, I have no idea if a Qwest repairman came to the house yesterday or not. I never did get away, just in case the guy was running late. But by 5:00, no one had interrupted my blissless solitude. The internet connection remained available all day (after about noon), but I donʼt have a clue if any correction/improvement was made. (And I was all but positive they would have instructed the guy to decide there must be a problem with the wiring in our house, wiring which normally is not Qwestʼs problem to resolve without extra excessive fees. That, or they realized Friday morning that we had Linebacker protection, which I have meant to drop for years but neglected, rather like the dumping of our movie channels with DirecTV. Perhaps now I am glad I can be so negligent — but I doubt it.)

And thatʼs the latest lack of progress in my life. A Friday of frustration. Well, todayʼs another day, as Miss OʼHara would (not) say, and at least there are a few better things in the offing. I am particularly looking forward to seeing Dawn and Kevin for a while…

Have a fine weekend, yʼall.

* Check for yourself. Just look to the right under “Hits on Wak.”

©2011 John Randolph Burrow, Magickal Monkey Enterprises, Ltd, S.A.

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