My Modest Proposal

I have a serious policy proposal to make. With all the hot air from Congress and the Administration lately on slashing the federal budget in the interest of debt reduction, and me being fully aware that entitlements are protected investments and have not in themselves contributed to the national debt, I feel concerned that the GOP felt it necessary, as the year began, to make their number one priority the pointless repeal in the House of the healthcare reform law passed last year. Now I have my own problems with the law as it finally came down in a form bastardized, watered-down and bloated to enormous size in an effort to make it tempting to conservative palates (who of course remained aloof in their party-dictated obstructionism last year anyway), but if the new majority in the House truly feels the law is “job-destroying” and debt-increasing, deserving of their attention ahead of any real issues on which they ran and got elected in November, then I have a suggestion.

Mine is A Modest Proposal (but unlike Swiftʼs, a serious notion I think we all need to trumpet loudly and proudly at Congress, perhaps not just the elephantine party of big business and false-past infatuation).

No Healthcare for Elected Federal Officials!

It is time for the “painful” cuts to the budget which the GOP demands to begin at home …for them, our elected blowhards. Before CPB (National Public Radio and Public Broadcasting Service) and services to the poor and needy are slashed, legislators need to feel the pinch personally for themselves in their own pocketbooks.

Isnʼt it time that the GOP got behind No Healthcare For Elected Federal Officials? Thatʼs my humble proposition — no tax money for elected officialsʼ healthcare!

Eliminate the Congressional health care, paid by our tax dollars, before any other cuts.

Iʼm not talking about staff members or bureaucrats or anyone else actually doing work in Washington for the government (those people are employees of the federal government, after all, and like all the rest of the American workforce, receive their health care from their employer, strange as that practice seems). But the Congresspeople and Senators arenʼt working for the government; they are the government. And why should we suffer before they even feel a tiny little pinch?

Heartache begins at home, politicians! Iʼm talking about the hot air breathers in the House and Senate. If healthcare reform was such a bad idea that no Republican could even consider participating last year, then my tax money should not pay for elected officialsʼ healthcare.

Whoʼs your daddy now, Michele (Iʼm-a-Half-informed, Half-witted Dope) Bachmann? I think you deserve this cut, Steve (I-Wanna-Be-Your) King. Get behind this today, Chuck Grassley!

Itʼs a simple program. No Healthcare For Elected Federal Officials! Tell your friends. Tell your neighbors. Tell your congressperson and Senators. Now thereʼs Change and debt reduction I can believe in.

©2011 John Randolph Burrow, Magickal Monkey Enterprises, Ltd, S.A.

2 thoughts on “My Modest Proposal

  1. If they did this (eliminate their free healthcare) and did away with their retirement funds just think how much we could save!!

  2. LIKE! I would carry it further and eliminate all federal and state mandatory health programs.
    In their place I would allow the government agencies to pay their employees more to buy insurance on their own. In this process we could eliminate competition barriers like state lines. What the heck, let Walmart get into the insurance business!

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