Taking the Easy Way Out

I skipped a few days putting a post up. Work has intervened, both actual, in substituting for several days, and potential, in a new job I might get for the spring and summer (rather like last yearʼs experience with the Census). The eight hours at school each day take their toll in time, but the job application process has really been distracting me from other projects. On the potential job front, as my application is still just that, only an application so far, I can’t really say anything more yet.

In the meantime rather than posting what little I may have to say to this blog, I’ve been spending my words, perhaps less pointedly and usefully, on Facebook. As my debates there tend to evaporate into digital oblivion, thanks to Facebook’s terrapin pace at revealing older posts on one’s own page, I thought I’d indulge myself in reprinting my most recent exchanges simply not to waste all those words written. (Apologies in advance for the use of ALL CAPS, a stylistic choice Facebook makes necessary with its un-Rich-Texted limitation of expression.)

Or, The Long and Winding Road (to Nowhere)

I had posted link to a YouTube video of my least favorite paranoid pundit (a word I chose fully aware that I have redefined it in the light of contemporary commentary to mean “a self-promoting, delusional hammerhead very loudly braying utter nonsense for hidden ends”) promoting one of his favorite idiotic scare tactics (which do have his desired effect of scaring idiots) with Let-Me-Interrupt-You OʼRudely — all in the wake of the successful Egyptian protest revolution (in the wake of the Jasmine Revolution in Tunisia). My comment on the video was:

“Backʼs just annoyed that he canʼt become the Caliph… (Can he?) Or else heʼs just nuts. Either way.”

From the video I raised a couple of doubts. “Reagan at the Brandenburg gate? Wasnʼt that forty-plus years after? ‘Right away?’ Dextreme blinders on.” and “ ‘The one organization is the one-world movement… about thirty organizations…’ One or thirty? Which is it, oh mastermind? Both ways, Glennie? What a dupe (oh, wait, thatʼs our role…)”

I garnered a response pretty quickly from a favorite conservative friend: “45 years after Reagan was elected. what? really! No childish names for Reagen.. you can do better!”

I answered, “No, Reaganʼs pointless speech in Berlin came nearly a half century after the wall, decisively NOT right away, as OʼWrongly said in the interview.” (Although my half-century was about thirteen years exaggerated.)

So my opponent explained, “In essence, it was right away after he was voted in as president. A WHO sports broadcaster standing on the Brandenburg gate would not of been the same! Still no disrespectful Reagan names?”

Me: “And the speech was still a half century (nearly) after the wall went up, irrelevant to the forces then tottering communism from WITHIN (how very much like the Arabic world today), and utterly irrelevant to the ‘discussion’ the two back-patters were faking in the video. Itʼs the Dextreme pulling out the Gipper Card. Again. Oh, the election of the actor from California was a turning point in my life, the night I felt the future died. As it has.” I knew that I would draw ire for questioning their Sacred Reagan, but I did nearly cry over the lost future his election rejected.

Conservative: “YES! The true progressive has come out! The difference between you and me sir, is I have a positive outlook on our country, no matter who is in control (Slick-Willie, The Mighty Bamster O, or even Malaise me Jimmy!) You have more opportunities here than any other place in the world! No wonder the Lib actors who threatened to move away never did after George Bush was elected!” drawing approval from Conservativeʼs spouse.

Me, rejecting the chance to mention overfed commentators who havenʼt followed up on their promise to leave the country if healthcare reform passed: “Positive means what? Dementia will rule? The way someone lushly insists it always was (even when it wasnʼt) is the way IT MUST BE? I see a positive possibility of growth and change (that which Ronnie slew for me) into fluorescent futures yet undreamed (particularly by paranoiacally limited anti-imaginations loudly and repetitiously demonizing all but the powers they be). If it matters not whoʼs in control, whatʼs with the narrow putdowns, too? Or is that phrase just more Right irrational rhetorical flourishing of arms, signifying nothing? Oh, yes, and explain to me whatʼs wrong with being a ‘progressive’ (as once again the Tighty crystal ball has given you a slot into which to place me unwillingly)?”

Conservative: “If dementia is what I got then dementia is what I want. We are all allowed access to the shining city on the hill. It matters not who is in control because of peoples ability to neuter an ineffective politician like Obama,”

Me, ever the uptight old English teacher and then wishing to clarify which President suffered dementia in office: “That would be ‘peopleʼs,ʼ by the way. That ‘shining city on a hill’ actually (those danged facts!) was a Puritanical allusion to a religiously exclusive and undemocratic society that the Founders, in the U.S. Constitution, repudiated, also by the way. And my dementia reference was not about you, unless the shoe fits, I suppose…”

Conservative: “The shoe fits!”

Me: “Then by all means wear it, if you insist. Oh, and looking back, ‘neutralize’ would definitely be preferable (to avoid the Palinesque trap of violent foot-in-mouth disease).”

Conservative: “I believe neuter still fits.”

Me: “…So like the unrepentant gunsighter herself? Violent imagery to the end…” and then adding, “Oh, and considering the reason why the Tighties are so dismayed at the Presidentʼs election, true to type, rather excessively and obviously racist, too…”

Conservative: “There comes the race card! Libs need mirrors when playing the race card!” and then adding, “What, pray tell did I say that was racist??? Mr. politically correct!”

Me: “Umm, the neutering of African American males involves a long history of, well, eugenics and ethnic cleansing, to be polite… I see nothing PC in my observation, either. Once again, just facts (rather than the Dextremeʼs hysterical ranting and ill-considered slogans).”

Conservative: “I sir, work in the animal industry. We castrate most male animals so your meat is tender and tasty. Animal scientists joke about castration. Any given day I might make reference to somebody (more than likely my wife) nutting me for doing so…mething wrong. Eugenics is really a progressive movement as abortion is a form of this! DEXTREME is not a real word!”

Me: “Yeah, as we discussed, I coined the term ‘Dextreme,’ (Tighty memories really are all that limited? Fox et al. count on that narrowness daily in their dreary and continual selfcontradictions), but ‘Dextreme’ decidedly identifies a real threat to the American way of life. My grandfather, uncle and cousins work in agriculture and with animals, and no such rude remarks, sir. Hmmm? Your categorization of eugenics once again derives from Beckʼs lies (and his semiretarded reliance on John Birch Society materials of the 1960s). Get some reliable resources in your arsenal someday. Hitler and pals practiced eugenics — not, no matter what the Brat or the Lard say, progressive. The French and American ‘scientists’ behind it were just racist (how ultra-Right/neoNazi of them) with other politics unclear to me. Finally, equating our President (who is, by the way, black) with animals regresses us once again to the dismal days of the pre-1860s. As I already said above. Grow up? I see you continue to practice the recognized Tighty strategy of ‘ignore when you are unable to answer and change the topic.’ ” and adding, “Oh, yes, the Hollywood Actor hadnʼt been a WHO broadcaster for nearly ANOTHER half century…”

Conservative: “I equate myself with animals.” and adding, “Reagan was a WHO announcer in1937…”

Me: “And you are still pullinʼ a Palin on the original remark, sir! Additionally, we donʼt equate ourselves with animals, I believe — we ARE animals; but we donʼt neuter other humans to make them, umm, ‘tender and tasty.’ Or do you? Perhaps Maherʼs ‘Teabagger’ epithet possesses more truth than I was aware… As must the accusations of racism, clearly. Ah, the dark byways and alleys of the dim Dextreme.” and then adding, “ ‘Tear down this wall’ exactly fifty years after WHO, and considerably after his election. Likewise 37 years after the Wall. And still irrelevant to what actually happened in the Nineties.” And then correcting 37 to 27, “dagnabbit.”

Conservative: “Isn’t Barry half white? He’s a craptastic president no matter what his nationality. Why are you such a sexist against Palin? Nutting (to neuter) somebody is a figure of speech from the industry I work in. Dextreme still not a real word!”

Me, ignoring the potent if unperceived racism inherent in observing if anyone is “half-white” and deliberately misreading the inept Presidential slam: “Umm, point out the so-called sexism sir. I see it nowhere whatsoever. I simply indicate the stupid. Kind of you to offer your thoroughly unsupported assertions. And then pointlessly repeat what has already been contradicted and undermined before. Thanks for the insincere effort. The last I knew, by the way, Goldwater was Caucasian… and conservative (and would have made a totally, uh, ‘craptastic President’ just as you say, regardless of his nationality, which was the same, you see, as the current, legitimately elected — how unlike the Shrub — President). Words are real based on use, furthermore. Thatʼs grammar. I use “Dextreme.” Too unfortunately often. Because I encounter it. Way too much.”

Thatʼs where we left it yesterday (at least as I posted this). The debate above actually spawned about three other exchanges, all much shorter, on other posts that my esteemed adversary or I put up during the few days we conversed through comments.

Obviously, I suffer from a predilection for verbosity, “Oh, and” and “by the way,” among other rhetorical weaknesses. Clearly, Facebook comment-arguments arenʼt where I should place my principal attention.

Apologies to my Facebook-friend readers for posting what you probably already endured on that forum. And many thanks to my conservative friend for fomenting so much thought on my part since retirement.

©2011 John Randolph Burrow, Magickal Monkey Enterprises, Ltd, S.A.


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