Happy Birthday, Beautiful!

Yes, itʼs The Lovely Oneʼs birthday! Last year I celebrated The Momentous Occasion here on the blog by presenting some old poetry, only some of which was actually written historically with her in mind.* This year I will spare you all a repeat of that (but who knows whatʼll happen a year after now?), partly for simple time-to-prepare issues (I had a job substituting yesterday, and I still have to wrap some gifts for my beloved once I compose something to appear in honor of her birth today), partly because I just havenʼt been exploring old verse in recent months, and partly because Iʼve still been wasting my life arguing with obstinate (and sometimes intrusive) Tighty Righties on Facebook, again.**

Hmmm, we seem to have wandered away from the issue of importance, a Certain Someoneʼs birthday.

We will be celebrating (although I still need to find her a card…), and our festivities will include both lunch out together and, I hope, something special for supper. Her folks will join us for lunch, which will be nice (and offer us the opportunity to discuss with them when we can get together and visit an electronics store to buy them their first home computer, a step long-requested by both of their daughters and which I hope will move them comfortably into communication in this century… But I digress. Again). I think we will be dining at Carolineʼs, a restaurant which has in recent months returned to our favor after a period of disappointment when they had changed their menu (but all it takes is to find something you like on a menu for a joint to rebound in your estimation; I will be having their soup and salad*** because I really love the associated quartet of freshly made breadsticks). I am hoping for a sunny noontime as the open and well windowed space at Carolineʼs is at its most pleasant on bright days.

Then, with whatever comes to mind to make for “dinner” tonight, will be the presentation of my humble assortment of minor birthday presents. So quietly humdrum, I know (but she hopefully doesnʼt realize that some kind of floral acknowledgment will arrive for her at work this morning, surprisingly since I already had her receive a vased bouquet for the Ultimate Card Holiday nine days ago).

Janet and I have also been thinking about a birthday-celebrating, brief excursion to Madison, a city we love to visit but havenʼt for some time. However, the union/public protests which I support so strongly might interfere with our plans downtown…

Hmmmm… An ironic conflict of interests.

Weʼll have to see how brave, politically and tourist-ically, we become when the time arrives. Or else (perhaps… maybe, just maybe) Gov. Walk-away-from-reality could wake up from his stupor and withdraw the union-busting planks in his state finance legislation… (Insert Buddy Holly moment/allusion.) If the trip comes off someday, maybe Iʼll write about it here.

Until then, I have a birthday to celebrate.

Happy Birthday, Janet!

(And, parenthetically — and parentheses and/or such enclosed remarks have become the theme running repeatedly through this post — have a good day yourselves, Faithful Readers.)

* Of course, I also skipped celebrating Valentineʼs Day bloggishly here in 2011, a date on which I also indulged myself by reprinting old verse a year ago. But donʼt get too confident. There are tons of poetry in my folder for me to dictate and present.

** If only half-witted dweezil Gov. Walker would wake up and realize his foolish maneuver hasnʼt worked, and the public is against him. But then heʼs a Dextreme stooge, evidently unable to realize much of anything beyond the Koched Orders, dressed out in canned cant, which he has received from Think Tanks Above…

*** Upon consideration I realized that is also the same thing I enjoy for lunch here in town at the Decker House Restaurant and at Star in Dubuque, although the soups tend to be quite different, as do the salads!

©2011 John Randolph Burrow, Magickal Monkey Enterprises, Ltd, S.A.

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Beautiful!

  1. What a glorious day!!!! I do hope the sun was shining brightly on your birthday luncheon with The Lovely One and Bing and Bitty. Im sure this afternoon will find you scurrying home to prepare the finishing touches for your evening festivities! Enjoy and give her my wishes.

    • Thanks, Shark. No sun, but it was still very nice. Then we drove to Bellevue yesterday evening for a very nice dinner at the fairly new restaurant (at least for us) called The Happy Bean. She seemed pretty happy.

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