A Hairy Weekend

I am home again late Monday afternoon (hours, however, earlier than this weekend reminisicence will finally appear), having given blood at the local hospital, and Iʼll take time to make one last post for the month of February. This one will link up well with the most recent post because I am still discussing my wifeʼs delightful birthday.

The Lovely One and I were gone over the weekend, celebrating her birthday, but not to Madison, as the news of the pending protests freaked my wife out a little too much. Fortunately, the hotel was most understanding (and probably figured theyʼd have no problem reselling that room even on the shortish notice we gave them). The only problem then was that we had no plan for the weekend…

This rational decision-making came Wednesday evening and Thursday, last week. We released the hotel room on Thursday morning, and Janet contemplated what she wanted to do for the long weekend, as she had already asked for Friday as a vacation day off, during the rest of that afternoon at work (although Iʼm sure she had plenty to do that was work as well). By the time she got home, having skipped her workout that day, she had a plan in mind. We would visit her sister and brother-in-law near Milwaukee, and on Saturday all four of us would go downtown to see the touring production of Hair and eat at a wonderful Mediterranean/Turkish restaurant, Tulip, which the other three had enjoyed already during one of Janetʼs sistersʼ weekends away from me. And thatʼs how it all worked out — a great time for all of us.

Except… I caught a cold, probably infected on Tuesday morning when I had subbed at school. (And ironically or appropriately, I just coughed while dictating the end of that last sentence.) I felt kind of tired and oblivious for most of Thursday, and as the drive across Wisconsin progressed on Friday, I became downright drippy and congested, unable to hide the symptoms. I was sick. By evening, I was only ready to sit on the couch and feel weary and stuffed up. I only marginally enjoyed the interesting gourmet vegetarian pizza they brought home from Papa Murphyʼs (and of which I am about to warm the remnants for part of tonightʼs supper).

I tried to “man up” for Janet and not spoil her weekend, but although I had a good time in the big city on Saturday (and Hair was tremendous, with really energetic and really enthusiastic young actors doing amazing physical stuff while still belting out those tunes beautifully) and really enjoyed both our lunch at the Water Street Brewery and our excellent and elegant dinner at Tulip, I sustained myself on anti-congestive medications and a probably too much blowing of my nose, fortunately not during the show (much).

One highlight at Hair came right at the end, as the cast invited audience members to join them in a big dance on stage and other cast members circulated through the crowd, getting everyone involved in a riotous, fully enjoyable finale. The actor playing Berger (a really masculine hunk that both The Lovely One and sister Diane were slavering over) came down the empty aisle behind our seats and shook his long, long hair at several of us, all standing in the ovation for this powerful conclusion of the show — he didnʼt include me, evidently, as I missed out on what happened next completely and only learned about it from conversation. When he tossed his curls at the wife, Janet turned around and shook her lovely locks right back, and they had a hair-tangling, neck-weaving, high-energy encounter for a few minutes. All in fun.*

I retired early Saturday night, a wise move, all things considered, while the sisters sipped some wine and conversed in the living room until after the ten oʼclock news (weather was an issue, snow having fallen all through the day Saturday, at first lightly, but accumulating at least two-plus inches at my in-lawsʼ home). The next day Janet and I returned to our own home, eventually running almost on fumes as we tried to make it all the way back to Dubuque and across town to Samʼs Club in order to get the cheaper gas (as we left town on Friday morning, we noticed that gas had spiked out of nowhere to roughly $3.30 a gallon, higher in Wisconsin). We made it, and Janet did a little shopping for a birthday gift for someone else, and we headed for home, where we unpacked and then I turned into a lazy vegetable, exhausted from doing nothing. Eventually, with the Oscar broadcast and the final episode of the Masterpiece presentation of Any Human Heart looming,** Janet decided we would have takeout Chinese for supper.

The takeout Chinese needs to become its own post soon, a comparison-of-restaurants review, but for tomorrow, just eight hours from the time I get this thing finally published, I have something else, delayed several days by WordPress.com itself (I tried to create tomorrowʼs post later in the day last Thursday, but the blog site wouldnʼt accept any uploaded pictures***, and as you will see, the scans I had created are essential for that post).

Regardless, The Lovely One had a wonderful birthday. At least thatʼs what she tells me.

* However, someone noticed this morning, Monday, that she had mysteriously developed a stiff neck — the price, I guess of enthusiastic, cross-generational theatrical flirtation.

** We opted for Masterpiece in lieu of the middle ninety minutes of the Oscars, and missed very little really. (And now I have another book to read, too…)

*** Ha! I just tried to upload an interior shot of Tulip, and the same thing happened: no image appeared after the upload. Whatʼs the story with that, WordPress.com?

©2011 John Randolph Burrow, Magickal Monkey Enterprises, Ltd, S.A.

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