Making Some Money

I spent a lot more of last week at school than I ever expected. None of these visits were substitution jobs planned in advance. Nor were any of them that phone call at 7:00 AM to replace a teacher who phoned in sick first  thing before dawn (or thereabouts). Instead they were all early-in-the-day replacements for teachers who had to leave for one reason or another (including taking ill, a situation into which I put the school more than twice myself during the days of the educational career). So I made a little money. On the other hand, I didnʼt get any of the writing or other work I had been planning to accomplish last week done. (I did add a few hundred words to the sequel to “Mistakes by Moonlight” while seated at teachersʼ desks during the week.)

Unfortunately, I fear I may be working at school, this coming week, far more than I might really like to, due to to a family crisis for one teacher. I hope not. And that “not” is thinking more of her than of my own selfish desire not to give up too much of my own hours each day. Tritely, time will tell.

On a happier note, it is probable that today the blog will go over 80,000 WordPress hits! (Check the little number under “Hits on Wak” to the right…) When you consider that about eighteen months ago I was excited about having a grand total of 27 hits, that’s not too bad, I guess. And my Site Stats tell me that one day last week, the third of March, the blog sailed over 500 hits in one day!

I know I’ve jiggered the count some myself, regardless of WordPressʼs desire not to include my own visits to my own blog (it just doesn’t count visits to the blog made with the browser on which my WordPress Dashboard* is active, not other browsers even on the same computer, not to mention other computers at other locations like, say, school). Even the ClustrMaps count of distinct IP addresses making daily visits is nearing 15,000 (and I canʼt really adjust/improve that number myself). Furthermore, as an additional sign of popularity or something, WordPress has seen fit to start putting ads on the blog (a situation I could pay to avoid but I donʼt), at least sometimes — for instance, the recent post about my homemade curry warranted a link to the FoodPress blog/collection of foodie posts.** Now if I could just come up with that one imaginative, special gimmick to get hundreds of thousands of visitors daily…

Tying both halves (those first four paragraphs) of this post together is the subject of money and/or making a living. Recently, when our friends Dawn and Kevin met The Lovely One and me for some lunch in Cedar Rapids, Dawn gave me a clipping she had found about making money from your blog by placing ads. If you notice some such changes in to the column at the right sometime in the future, you’ll know that’s exactly what I have started to do. If such ads appear, please have the heart to click on them (frequently), as I would get paid a small amount for each ad-click. But the money dreams donʼt end there…

I am also still hopeful that, if the government can get its act together and fund itself for the year, I may be working for the USDA. I had my interview, which went well, and the only impediment to my employment was supposed to be funding for that project. That prospect will impose forty-hour work weeks on me from mid-April through evidently the end of August, which may restrict my writing both here and creatively during that time. We’ll just have to see.

While we are speaking of “writing creatively,” if I am not teaching tomorrow, several stories are heading out to various possible publications, including “Details, Details” to an internet ʼzine.

And that is how things stand this Sunday…

* The Dashboard is the browser-based implementation that permits me to make posts and do a variety of other things at WordPress as a blogger. (Itʼs what I am using right now, as I type these words, to type these words for this post.)

** Although I donʼt think they ever featured that post of mine on the curry…

©2011 John Randolph Burrow, Magickal Monkey Enterprises, Ltd, S.A.

One thought on “Making Some Money

  1. Wow…..looks like you have been busy and may be even busier this spring/summer. Interesting things going on.

    And congrats on all of the hits!! Thats amazing thinking back to how it all started and where it is now. Good job. I have enjoyed all 18 months of it.

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