Suffering Qwest

An image of an important e-mail I received based on the service calls I had to make last Thursday. Please click to enlarge and read.

Quite a few things litter my mind this morning as I attempt to actually accomplish some real work in this last week before I start my new summer job, full-time. First, I am awaiting the arrival of a Qwest service technician.

(At least I hope I am awaiting the arrival of a Qwest service technician because I was supposedly awaiting such a visit and two months ago, back on February 11, as Qwestʼs own e-mails to me, which I have naturally preserved, indicated. No such person ever appeared, and in a flurry of phone calls to Qwestʼs service center — amazingly Indian all of those Michelles, Annes, and Ricos — I was told the service technician in February, of which my original contact recently, Rico, was completely unaware until I gave him the service ticket number from one of those Qwest e-mails I received, wasnʼt actually scheduled, as the e-mails had told me, repeatedly, to come to my house but merely to check the Qwest server in Minneapolis. So weʼll have to see if my four hours trapped at home awaiting “service” today will be valid or worthwhile. Or merely another repeat of the infamous Qwest policy of jerking customers around.)

You see, on this past Thursday, March 31, after repeated internet interruptions all through that previous week (standard operating procedure under the duress of Qwest, of course), Qwest dropped my connection with almost eerie regularity about every ten to twelve minutes across the noon hour and more. I restarted that danged modem and router at least six times in under two hours. From my record to myself in Chronories (minus my vulgar commentary about the communications corporation under which I struggle to endure) —

  • Qwest just dropped the internet connection, again, at 12:35. [Censored commentary about the parentage and legitimacy of the corporation] (Hey, the Supreme Court tells me that corporations are citizens/people, just like us humans, so…)
  • Connection gone again at 1:47. @#$#@#$%$#@#$&$#@#$. (Yep, I am mad and also having fun with abusive name-calling.)
  • And now again immediately thereafter, 2:00 PM.
  • Now again, 2:12. Letʼs try restarting the computer itself along with the home network and modem…
  • Got a call to swear me in for the summer job as the computer was rebooting, and now I am not online AGAIN at 2:30. QWEST SUCKS!!!!

So I did again what I should do every time Qwest blows their obligation to provide service — except they do it so often that taking any recourse except the rebooting of the modem seems wasteful of my time, as it was indeed on Friday — and called Qwest Service, a number exceedingly difficult to locate. In fact, I had to get a sales chat person on the Qwest website to provide me a number to call (during one of those brief ten-minute episodes of web connection). On that call I got connected to Rico about 2:50 and spent the next 85 minutes on the line, not always directly with him but unfortunately listening to perhaps twenty minutes of the too-loud Qwest advertising loop while I was on hold as he supposedly did things about my problem. The culmination was unsatisfactory, as he could locate “no problem with our device,” meaning their server in Minneapolis and some “panel” here in town, perhaps even near my house. Naturally, the aged state of the local phone lines in town couldnʼt possibly be a fault (although disinterested parties have said that lousy service on antiquted phone lines throughout the town is “the price you pay for living in the country,” as Qwest has to “make a business decision” whether itʼs in their interest to upgrade our local phone lies to actually meet the specs for internet service). I did, however retain my internet connection throughout our conversation, and Rico advised me that if the connection lapse occurred again that day to call Qwest service again.

The results of my check today on the “ongoing” service call. Click to enlarge. And please notice the specified times — all afternoon rather than all morning. WTF?

When the predictable disconnect did happen, about 5:40, I called as he had instructed. This time I spoke with Ann, but only for about five minutes, probably less. Suddenly, in the midst of our not-quite-a-conversation, I was listening to a busy signal. I waited five or eight minutes for her to reconnect with me (after all, she had asked for my home phone number, “in case it was necessary to contact you,” as though I had not already given said number to their answering device, even though it was from that number my call came, a situation which they can check/verify with amazing dexterity when they wish*), and when nothing had occurred, I called again.

On this third attempt in one day, my technician was Michelle, who like Rico ran checks on the service to little avail but who did determine perhaps a service call was in order. Originally, she wanted to have the technician come out on Friday, the very next day. Unfortunately, I would not be able to be lingering at home between the hours of 9:30 in the morning and 1:30 in the afternoon, for reasons I think Iʼll explain in tomorrowʼs post. So we arranged for the visits to occur today.

I have included as todayʼs images both the e-mail generated by Qwest on Thursday/Friday to verify my upcoming service call and a search I just did by clicking the link in the e-mail about “Whereʼs my technician?” Look closely. Note the utter disconnect in times.

We are now within the four-hour time frame established with Michelle and in the e-mail for me to wait patiently for the technician. Will someone come? Letʼs find out…

* Doesnʼt Qwest provide call-back service in India? Qwest wanted to insist the parents-in-law, in acquiring an internet service provider, undertake that and a half dozen other “services” their phones canʼt utilize.

©2011 John Randolph Burrow, Magickal Monkey Enterprises, Ltd, S.A.

One thought on “Suffering Qwest

  1. Say hey! Good news!

    The crew of two arrived promptly at 1:15, did some investigation, installed a housewide DSL filter, and went on their way by 1:35. Very nice people, too. (Letʼs hope it works.)

    Thank you, Qwest service team!

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