Cursed Summertime

Itʼs hot. 

This announcement is not news to those of us living in the Midwest (and apparently in many places throughout the country, as record heat made the news shows this morning). But it is hot. 

Not a pretty picture: one heated USDA APHIS PPQ seasonal employee on his day off

Hot enough that I slept in unusual spots last night (the floor for a brief while, until my beloved decided to turn off our overhead fan, believing it was “fighting” with the pedestal fan in the window which was striving to puff something like cool air from outdoors into our bedroom; then on the sofa in our living room, uncomfortably, but at least my restlessness only bothered me and not my soulʼs companion, who actually had to rest fully for work today unlike my modest self whose work experience has undergone a change in timescope — about which more to be told in a post in the future).

Hot enough that I havenʼt really arisen to the level of accomplishing much today. Yet. (And itʼs nearly 5:30 in the swampy afternoon.)

Hot enough that after a quick visit to The Lovely One for lunch (and a brief but unpleasant excursion to pick up a new audio receiver for our stereo system at Best Buy — more on that, meaning both the problem I was attempting to solve and the experience of customer disservice at the store, likely, also sometime soon) I buckled down, sweatfully, and installed the air conditioner in our bedroom for this summer. A quick check on the blog reveals that my annual action comes thirteen days earlier than a year ago, although using the new air-conditioner we were forced to buy a little later last summer. However, tonight, I hope, we can both sleep in relative comfort (the bedroom right now is blissfully at least twenty degrees cooler than the office where I dictate these words*, and I didnʼt even set the machineʼs temperature control very low at all).

* I hesitate to discover the ambient temperature in here lest the knowledge drive me to dissolve even further than the godawful picture reveals me to have done so far today.

And thatʼs the excitement at Casa Wakdjunkaga for now. Not much of a post, but at least Iʼve posted something (and itʼs been quite a while since I last accomplished this unfeat). Perhaps I can do a little better for tomorrow. Right now… itʼs hot.

Finally, disregading the disreputable, disrespecting and snarky quips I might make at the loonie legion of halfwit Climate Change Deniers, I really despise all those weather casters and other folks who were whining about “whereʼs our summer?” even a few days ago (and seemingly nonstop throughout the temperate summers last year and two years before that). Summerʼs here. And itʼs hot.

©2011 John Randolph Burrow, Magickal Monkey Enterprises, Ltd, S.A.

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