A Little Help?

The inflammation (or rash?) in question. What do you think, gentle readership?

Closer up…

Sorry about the gruesome physical details (reminiscent of my ingrown toenail post last fall — apologies, I suppose, for that one, too). I will definitely keep this addition to the blog brief. The picture(s) — I donʼt know just how many I am going to attempt,* as none so far do the issue justice — say(s) it all. 

One last look (and further apologies for showing it at all). Click, if you wish, to, um, enlarge the image…

Somehow, some time over the weekend (actually Friday or Saturday), while on the job checking firewood at campgrounds and reaching out about the emerald ash borer to the camping public (and while also taking down to check for bugs about a dozen of my traps, located at said campgrounds, in Dubuque, Jackson and Clinton Counties) I got a…  rash? Infection? Exposure to poison ivy/oak?

As the outbreak on my left arm hasnʼt subsided at all since I noticed it on Sunday, I would sure appreciate anyoneʼs suggestions (of what it might be, of what I could do about it).

It itches and hurts. Janet believes that the number of possibly pussy bumps** may have increased by a few. Cortaid is all we have tried on it so far (the salve does make it cease itching for a while).

Any ideas? Think I need to visit our doctor?

Your suggestions would, as of the time of this writing (Tuesday, early evening), be greatly appreciated. Since I am scheduling the post for Thursday, however, I hope they will all also be too late. Time will, sadly, tell…

* (right now using the built-in camera on the iMac, as I still havenʼt located our digital camera after Memorial Day weekend)

** Her opinion. Not mine. (And apologies yet again for that bit of further — but “tastefully” not boldfaced and italicized, however — gruesome detail, to which this footnote is an appendage, too.)

©2011 John Randolph Burrow, Magickal Monkey Enterprises, Ltd, S.A.

4 thoughts on “A Little Help?

  1. Mr. B, I have been taking vegetation samples for the last couple months and have blisters and bites from plants and arthropods to the extent that soon a sampling protocol will be necessary for counting. Your blisters look like good ol’ poison ivy/ oak to me. The cure- wash thoroughly to remove the oils that are causing the blister, and if you are going to be digging around in more wood piles it might be wise to pick up some treatment cream just for poison ivy/oak. Hydrocortizone cream will relieve the itch, but the wound will have to heal on its own which may take two weeks. You’ll be ok; I don’t think you’ll need the doc. I have a ring of it around my ankle and spots on my forearm now. Keep a sharp eye in the future.

    • Thanks, Eric. That was pretty much Janet and my assessment, too. But as I didnʼt know (or have anything of value to write about on the blog), I thought I would ask. (And I still have your story on the computer! With the job, there hasnʼt been much time to do anything for more than about twenty minutes at a stretch lately. Sorry. I will get to it. Sometime.) Thanks again!

  2. The “treatment cream” I mentioned is not really a treatment so much as a scrub that more effectively removes the oils. No cure- just time is needed.

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