Congratulations, Tim and Jess!

Today, about the time this item posts online, my nephew Tim marries his sweetheart Jessica. His/their aunts and uncles (-in-law) could not feel happier, and I personally am looking forward enthusiastically to the big ceremony, presided over (wrong terminology there) by Timʼs father, my brother Paul — who gets to do the service because Jessicaʼs local minister happens to be out of town this weekend, a circumstantial positive that could almost make one (well, this one) feel a slight tremor of temptation to believe.

Janet, taking a half day off work, and I traveled to the center of our state for the wedding yesterday, hoping to enjoy some family time together. If our plans came off, we had lunch with Margaret and Aunt Alaire and David (at least) before driving to the church. Maybe we can squeeze a word with the Happy Couple and the Proud Parents at some point, too (all, naturally, before turning our heads once again toward home). I think most (if not actually all) of us are intending to celebrate at the reception (or so I hope), where and when some conversation will surely be possible. And I bet we can meet members of the brideʼs-side family as well.

Tim and Jess will soon be off into the big adventures of wedded bliss, while the rest of the family must return, far too soon, to the mundane dreariness of daily work — with the consolation of each other to make the burdens of existence bearable and even rewarding.

(And in honor of the marital day, Iʼll even keep quiet on the issue of what real family values are in the face of Boob Vander Putz and his cerebrally-cleansed  squads of goosestepping goons.)

©2011 John Randolph Burrow, Magickal Monkey Enterprises, Ltd, S.A.

2 thoughts on “Congratulations, Tim and Jess!

  1. Thank goodness for that last statement. You came close to canceling out your curmudgeon status. 😉

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