Whining (Again, Parenthetically)

Qwest (or perhaps… the presumably lamewad modem* we were forced to buy half a decade ago when The Lovely One first let us online here at home, as she purchased her Windozed Hewlett-Packard slow-as-molasses laptop, just so that we could get Qwest ISP as part of the [inflated] deal) continues its misbehaving and misconceived substitute-for-good-business-practice ways. Being online for a period of time greater than ten minutes effectively means that I get to run downstairs to reboot the modem at least a half dozen times (sometimes within about ninety minutes).

Our modem (doesnʼt it look like something that would have been produced, containing vacuum tubes, in the late Fifties or early Sixties?) — ActionTEC model GT701R.

I donʼt know about you, gentle reader(s?), but I find that level of (non)performance not to be what I want to pay for as “internet service provision.” When I feel sufficiently interested (or motivated, meaning cussingly frustrated), I keep tabs on my internet disconnection antiservice in a cute little diary program that downloaded among a dozen other shareware tidbits, Chronories (an amusing and interesting, if not exactly necessary bit of interfaced code that permits me to keep, among other things, a little diary with tags [“Qwest” being a particularly persistent and unpleasant one], as well as mood icons, photos [like the one I used for art yesterday], a record of programs running, and e-mail contacts — which, as I donʼt use Mail, doesnʼt know anything). The venting there helps (a tiny amount) each day and provides me a record that may someday be very useful when I have time to call Qwest service and hang online for hours as my call gets shuffled around the globe, pointlessly.

Anyway, I mention this issue (again) today because the connection severed three times while I was trying to download an album from the (excessively busy and distracting) iTunes Store this morning. Finally, I just gave up, and we took off to visit the library, eat some lunch, and stop at (sigh, another tale of woe best left for another — you hope never-to-be-realized — time) Walmart. Now I am back, and the download is proceeding (again for the fifth time — amusing that Apple could maintain the link long enough for the purchase to go through, even without the music following), and I can only hope I will get this little diatribe itself posted online.***

Is it any wonder that I have gotten a little less reliable on presenting a post here regularly?

Of course, I should mention that internet-connection problems are instantly predictable whenever iTunes gets started. I donʼt know what shenanigans Apple has that (essential-for-iPod-owners) program doing under the hood, but just starting iTunes up pretty much guarantees that our internet connection will break (whether “Genius” tries reporting on all my [nonApple-ized, imported-from-CD] music or not). And is anyone (perhaps of my “certain age,” probably) actually pleased with what “Genius” puts together as purchases recommendations or a playlist from its invasion-of-privacy research? Name-irony appears to be a growing trend at Apple.

* Although I had been online since the early days of browsing (oh, Tim Berners-Lee, you deserve a Nobel, yes, you do) at school (since roughly 1990 — perhaps earlier; I donʼt remember nowadays, and any ancient records are [not successfully] preserved in unavailable formats on floppy disks that no computer I currently posses can read), my Beloved Spouse had for more than a decade threatened that if I tried to get online at home, our wedded bliss would end. Until she eventually wanted to get online at home herself, that is (seldom as she actually does that, even while carping that her parents arenʼt making full use of their new computer and internet access).

** (I have begun to suspect that maybe the problem lies within our 1950s-looking, antiquated gray modem, pictured with this post today, rather than out in the digital æther with Qwestʼs servers themselves. Sometimes, because I can cure the perhaps local problem with a new modem purchase, I hope so. Other times, as the rage against Qwest floods high, I prefer to blame the Faceless Corporation directly.)

*** Hey! It only took one modem-restart, which conveniently permitted me to take the photo for the post.

And, let us note, Qwest, in the realities of corporate buyouts these days, is dumping its peculiar and laughable old name for, of all inanities, CenturyLink. Just another easy (and outdated — which century is that?) name to hate.

©2011 John Randolph Burrow, Magickal Monkey Enterprises, Ltd, S.A.

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