Friday Fuming?*

…and another long span of time has passed without a post. This time, the excuses are few. Our production of One Flew over the Cuckooʼs Nest in Dubuque is over (has been for two weeks now), and I have been ensconced at home, online, at the computer, so I should have written something. I havenʼt, however (clearly). Neither for the blog or for any of my ongoing stories.

I have posted quite a bit on Facebook, sometimes even with lengthy comments. I have found myself stirred by the Occupy Wall Street movement (just now reaching an apparent crisis, along with Occupy Iowaʼs encampment in Des Moines, even as tomorrow the movement goes global). I know that initially the protest was pretty amorphous (still is in population) and vague (I know because FoxNoise tells me so), but it feels like a sign of spring as this years fades into the sere, the yellow leaf (and I know that because I have been raking and removing piles and piles of leaves over five days just lately).

Laughably, the Dextreme has undertaken splattergunning all kinds of falsehood in various flailing attempts to smear this nascent movement. My personal favorite is from The Fat Clownʼs Blaze website (which is chock-a-block full of more nonsensical propagandistic drivel). Attempting to view the video which supposedly supported a very lame “theyʼre all commie-socialists” regurgitation, I get this:

Hereʼs the link for that Blaze story. Maybe youʼll have better luck than I did. (I notice that nothing says what the source for this video, presuming an objective source actually exists, is. How can anyone tell it wasnʼt staged/faked? Is this the kind of nonevidentiary ranting that the average dextremist stooge accepts without thought, without verification? Considering the utterly unsupported [and semiliterate] raving on this site, also encountered today, probably so.)

My issue with the connection was probably not The Blaze itself (I hope), but rather CenturyLink continuing its worse-than-awful DSL nonconnection-to-the-internet disservice. As I was trying to find The Blaze page again, I lost my connection for the tenth time today!

I have been noting the interruptions by time every day for months now, building up to my next big phone call to CenturyLink customer service…

And before I close today, another favorite dextreme effort against the Occupiers is The 53% page (as I pay taxes and therefore belong to their false “majority,” I feel like posting my thoughts there), begun in a foolhardy effort to “counter” We Are the 99 Percent. Why “foolhardy,” you might ask. Because the 53 are merely one subbset of the 99 (a manipulated subset, but they exist). Also, just scroll to the bottom of each of the two sites current page and notice the total page counts respectively…

* Did you catch the link that explains todayʼs title?

What do you know? Letʼs now add 5:45 to that list of times CenturyLink has cut me from my internet connection today.

©2011 John Randolph Burrow, Magickal Monkey Enterprises, Ltd, S.A.

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