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I have a problem with Apple, Inc. Once upon a time, just over two years ago, my iMac worked fine. I especially appreciated being able to insert CDs and have them play or be able to import them into iTunes and play my music on my computer or iPod digitally.

All that changed about eight months ago, however. After one or more of the companyʼs upgrades (I really should put that word in quotation marks) — or else when I foolishly spent my own money to upgrade from Leopard to Snow Leopard, the computer no longer usually accepts disks. It scans them and scans them and then ejects them without ever even mounting the disk on the desktop, nor does iTunes open automatically as it used to do (and as I still have the preferences set to do when a disk is inserted). 

I am inserting disk after disk after disk after disk after disk after disk after disk after disk after disk after disk after disk after disk after disk after disk after disk after disk after disk after disk after… and having them each and all invariably rejected even as I type with incendiary fury on my pitifully pathetic Apple Bluetooth Chiclet-key keyboard (will it stand up to the task?).

Sometimes if the computer “eats” my CD, I can get the damned awful device to recognize, sometimes even play or import the CD by restarting. But thatʼs not how a computer should work (nor is it how it is supposed to). And I imported thousands of CDs (almost our complete collection) without an issue over three years, 2005-2008, on my wifeʼs wretchedly vile HP laptop, into iTunes (for Windoze). Obviously and certainly something (very bad) has happened.

Whatʼs wrong?

Clearly, Apple has chosen to make the CD-playing process worse. I believe (and saying “I believe” without any further support is all the “evidence” our politicians appear to believe is necessary these days, falsely) the wicked corporation has made it harder (impossible, in my case) for consumers to avoid using the proprietary iTunes Store to get music. And thatʼs wrong. Thatʼs evil.

And I am calling them out on it.

Apple sucks. (And I will not use the iTunes store, ever, until my own CDs are able to mount again. Please join me.)

Ah, the incredibly incompetent machine just ate the last CD inserted. Time for another effing restart, I guess.

* Of course, I would gladly accept anyoneʼs assistance or advice on correcting/improving this situation…

©2011 John Randolph Burrow, Magickal Monkey Enterprises, Ltd, S.A.

4 thoughts on “Apple Sucks!

  1. I promise Apple software engineers didn’t partake in some conspiracy in which they planted code in 10.6 that specifically targeted your computer and only yours, causing its optical drive to stop working.

    What more likely happened is that shortly after you upgraded, your optical drive konked out (as they often do; optical drives have an uncomfortably high failure rate) and because installing Snow Leopard was the only major change you made around that time, it seems like it’s the culprit.

    Now, i have heard of scenarios in which OS upgrades result in hardware failures or other hardware issues. When 10.7 came out this summer, there were some WiFi issues which got addressed in a few weeks. And I recall some people having issues with their video cards because the new OS put more load on them and that caused them to fail pretty quickly after the OS upgrade. These two issues were widely reported on (because Apple has only a handful of models and it thus affects a lot of people when one configuration is bad). If the issue you reported really was a result of Snow Leopard, I would have heard about it.

    Take a trip some time to an Apple Store (there’s one in Madison and one in West Des Moines; the one in Madison is probably closer) and see a Genius. He (or she) will likely give you the spiel about how it’s out of warranty but if you bat your eyes a little bit and mention how you’re just a retired English teacher who wants to use his CDs and the Genius will probably swap it out as a courtesy.

    Depending on how much your time is worth (and the cost of gas), you might be just as well off with one of these:

    It’s OS X compatible, and it’s less than $50.

  2. Thanks, Aaron. I do appreciate your knowledgeable input.

    I never thought the conniving marketing teams at Apple had targeted me alone; I was speaking out for all the abused iMac consumers having to endure/upgrade the poor hardware for which we had overpaid. If a software upgrade causes (obviously) shoddy hardware to fail, how is that not demented (and thus indicative of the suckitude of the corporation named in my title)?

    The old original iMac I used at school (actually second- or third-generation) had its CD/DVD drive fail within months of purchase; I just never cared there (or let Mr Ev know — he would doubtless have blamed the poor user, and I use “poor” in most of its many denotations).

    Thanks for the suggestion about the visit to the Apple store. I assume you mean to have me lug my iMac along so that the Genius can do the swap (however bad I am at batting my eyes, buddy), which, along with the time-waste and gas-cost (really, Madison is as close to Maquoketa as Apple can get? — talk about elitist) is as inconvenient as, well, Apple. However, it is a plan…

    Where is the Apple store in Madison?

    Ordering the drive you suggest (under $38 just now) seems hopeful, too — especially if Iʼm going to get Girl Who Kicked over the Hornetʼs Nest uploaded to my iPod to entertain me on my runs before the CD set goes back to the library.

    I really treasure the rapid response. Thanks again.

  3. Bummer. I’ve had really good luck with Apple “Geniuses”. When my water bottle flooded my brand new (3 days old) MacBook Pro, the genius replaced it for me. I didn’t even have to ask. I was stunned. Customer for life over here.

    I hope you can get your drive fixed. Happy holidays!

    • Thanks, Gwen. (At least you knew why your MacBook was malfunctioning; my beautiful iMac just mysteriously stopped doing its job but periodically behaved, just not lately at all.) As the helpful earlier respondent Aaron knows, I am an Apple fan (generally), but sometimes I begin to wonder.

      Happy holidays yourself, maʼam!

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