Statistically Speaking

The most recent WordPress post-feedback screen I have captured

Wow. We have had nearly 120,00 hits on the blog since I began just over two years ago (and according to ClustrMaps nearly 32,00 discrete visits). Of course, much as I might wish everyone was seeking enlightenment and entertainment from my writing, plenty of those hits are folks looking for clip art on the internet (particularly of late, searching for astronomical or stellar pictures and thus landing on the piece of Stars in Heaven posted as one of the Longer Items). Even so, itʼs a statistically interesting pair of totals on which to end the year.

The statistic that motivates this post, however, (and of which this post is the culmination) is one that WordPress has made significant by giving me little goals to reach when I manually post to “Publish immediately.” The company presents as feedback such information as shown in the picture to the left, alongside these paragraphs. (As you can see, itʼs the response to my now notorious post on the malfunctioning optical drive in my iMac from last week).

If you count forward, this information means that on Tuesday I was notified that post was my 496th. Wednesdayʼs post, which I wrote immediately after publishing on my Christmas harvest, therefore was the 497th addition to Wakdjunkagaʼs Blog, and Thursdayʼs grammatical dissertation (incomprehensible as it may have been) the 498th. Obviously, then, yesterdayʼs retrospective disquisition added up to 499.

And today marks the 500th post. Five hundred in just over two years. (I wonder if any of it has been worthwhile to anyone…)

Thatʼs why I have been focused on getting something up every day here as the year winds to its close. I guess WordPress did its job with those little goals.

Now I wonder what 2012 will hold for Wakdjunkaga…

©2011 John Randolph Burrow, Magickal Monkey Enterprises, Ltd, S.A.

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