Getting Back

The blog has languished again since late October (interrupted almost immediately then for our vacation — this yearʼs trip to Santa Fe over Halloween time). November flew by with NaNoWriMo (a much more satisfactory success with my Sepharad series about Søren and Judah than I bumbled last year, writing nothing but garbage toward Mantorville). And apparently, December has now swept into my temporal wake as well…

I wish December had been as productive as my birth month was. But it hasnʼt been so. Other than some gift-buying (and a quick birthday-celebrating jaunt to The City Not of My Dreams, Las Vegas, over Decemberʼs first weekend), nothing really has happened (that I could report, or that anyone would take interest in). I havenʼt written much new since the novel-writing challenge concluded. Part of the reason returns us to technology frustrations: my auto-correction program seems unable over this past week to do the things I have set it to do (such as automatically turn lower case “i” into a cap, so I have had to fix all the first-person pronouns in this piece by hand, probably both before and after publication). Furthermore the constant disk activity Mountain Lion imposes continues to keep the computer from realizing/recognizing that I am typing — even more frustrating/annoying as random letters, clumps of letters or even whole phrases and clauses never appear on the screen.*

I have accomplished a few things, however. The blog looks different, my chosen WordPress theme having undergone an “upgrade” to which I assented this morning (and it isnʼt quite right yet: I have to spend a day or two attempting to tweak the CSS, particularly to uncenter the body text and also to get my lovely serif fonts back). I like the basic improvement (a column on each side), but the mega-huge font isnʼt for me. On the other hand, the change has gotten me to write something. (A bigger change was the acquisition of the MacJournal software, in which I am typing, hopeful of simplifying the uploading of text to a single step or two, no longer having to manually export HTML, open that document in a text-editor, copy the code and then paste the code into WordPress online. In just a minute or two — for me — weʼll see how that works out.)

Now at the turning of the year, maybe I can take charge of myself and get some more frequent posts up here again. However, it appears I will be offline almost immediately, for several days after today, so the next update (and the repair of the “upgrade”) wonʼt be tomorrow…

* Fortunately, during November, for the most part typing (and/or dictating) worked rather well.

©2012 John Randolph Burrow, Magickal Monkey Enterprises, Ltd, S.A.

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