So I’ve been having a little trouble seeing lately. I believe it’s just my glasses. With my corrective-lens sunglasses I see perfectly well, and I’ve been noticing what looked like scratches or smears on the lenses of my regular glasses getting worse these past many weeks. I figured they couldn’t be scratches because I had […]

Yearʼs End

…And suddenly the year is at its end. I am somehow surprised that I have actually, as of this unessayʼs ætheric appearance, composed at least a post a day for a full 365 days, not to mention no less than four or five further posts-worth of commentary here and elsewhere. I suppose I should use […]

“Picasso Been Berry, Berry Good to Me”

Even though it is the first of November, and I should be churning out my daily dose of 5000 words, I did promise that I would report on how my long-anticipated (and prepared for) performance at the Dubuque Museum of Art went. So here it goes… I played Picasso on Thursday evening. The crowd wasnʼt […]

The Eyes Have It

Doctor’s appointment today. First thing this morning as a matter of fact. The truck’s in for a checkup too — actually an oil change. It’s not a coincidence: I arranged them together so I was as available for as much work/substituting as possible. Unfortunately, I go into the doctor still as fat as ever. We […]