Death or Damage by Creosote

Sure, you are all tired of reading about this topic, I suppose (although you could cut me short by calling or writing to the iniquitous knaves concerned — numbers appearing soon below). But a horrible night of the cloyingly dry and musty fumes has left me… in research mode. And I have learned a few […]

Flurries on a Few Things

The weather tops my attention for this post (written yesterday/Monday), and that was not just flurries… Snow is cascading from the sky. It has been since sometime in the night, although the heaviness of the snowfall has apparently only increased as the day has dimly brightened. I awoke on time for my run, but I […]

Yearʼs End

…And suddenly the year is at its end. I am somehow surprised that I have actually, as of this unessayʼs ætheric appearance, composed at least a post a day for a full 365 days, not to mention no less than four or five further posts-worth of commentary here and elsewhere. I suppose I should use […]

Doorway to Nowhere, 1

We have some unusual decorations in and around our house. I can take no credit (or blame) for these eye-catchers and conversation-makers. Theyʼre all Janetʼs doing. But I can write about them, and thatʼs what I intend to do, today and tomorrow, on one specific set of adornments. (Yes, I have only scratched the surface […]

Popular Post (Stats)

To end the month, letʼs take a moment to explore some amusing facts about the blog. Amusing, to me, at least. As we probably went over 5000 separate visitor locations — as the ClusterMaps widget counts them — yesterday, certainly not a memorable nor significant accomplishment, however much I have been eagerly anticipating the moment, […]

TreeStory, part 2

I downloaded two PDFs from the Michigan State University Extension on identifying ash trees, and their information has made me feel pretty certain that the eastern tree in our front yard is definitely an ash, but I am now unsure about the western one (which everyone else agreed was an ash) because of the lack […]