The Continuity of Qwest Suction (and more)

I appear to be taking topics out of order chronologically this week, but Iʼll address my issues in the order I think about them first. So to review, yesterday I spent the day waiting for a Qwest service person to make a call on my residence. Although the time of his or her arrival changed […]

Suffering Qwest

Quite a few things litter my mind this morning as I attempt to actually accomplish some real work in this last week before I start my new summer job, full-time. First, I am awaiting the arrival of a Qwest service technician. (At least I hope I am awaiting the arrival of a Qwest service technician […]

Sunday : Fun Day

Weʼre cleaning up Janetʼs laptop today. We have several reasons. First, the cursed thing runs like lead, with any mouse click requiring several geological æons to stir a response from within the sluggish code-bowels of WindowsXP Media Center Edition and the torpid silicon synapses of her HP Pavilion dv8301nr; and The Lovely One has harped […]

Joining the Hall of Shame

1/11/12  Today we pay off our mortgage. $932.05. The escrow returns to us in about fifteen days, a deliberate delay by Wells Fargo that stinks of greed — sucking additional profit through interest from our 27-year loan servitude). Of which Wells Fargo only inherited the loan about five years ago, acquiring it, if I remember […]

Toys (and Problems)

I could have gone into more detail about our Christmas celebration yesterday.* I thought about it, briefly, as I was editing (and slightly expanding) what I had originally written. But then CenturyLink kept cutting out my internet connection (predictably — no surprise, there, because my Internet Disservice Provider** leaves me high and dry, disconnected, offline […]

Corporate Con Games

As our play, One Flew over the Cuckooʼs Nest* at The Grand Opera House in Dubuque, draws very close indeed — opening night is this coming Friday —, my life headed in a very distracting direction, for no good reason except corporate greed and intentional defrauding of customers (like me). First about ten days back, FedEx delivered an […]

Strange Mix

I’m cooking today. Yes, itʼs another mini-breakfast-quiche-making marathon. I actually started on Tuesday, but thawing and wringing dry and separating the chopped (formerly frozen, eight boxes of) spinach, cutting up the veggies (peppers, carrot shreds, mushrooms and onions), and then mixing all that with eggoid (“egg substitute” for all of you not part of this […]

Whining (Again, Parenthetically)

Qwest (or perhaps… the presumably lamewad modem* we were forced to buy half a decade ago when The Lovely One first let us online here at home, as she purchased her Windozed Hewlett-Packard slow-as-molasses laptop, just so that we could get Qwest ISP as part of the [inflated] deal) continues its misbehaving and misconceived substitute-for-good-business-practice […]

The “Long Weekend”

Happy birthday, to my brother, Stephen. And now, back to our story from yesterday… Having booked a place to stay (with no thanks to the bid-your-own-price-for-a-room sites), The Lovely One and I packed our bag(s) — always two, one for clothing and one for, ah, toiletries and such (when I travel alone, as I will […]