Age: 66

Sex: Male

Married to The Lovely One

Born in California, have lived in my birth state, Colorado, Idaho, Texas, Illinois, Michigan and Iowa (among a few other states)

Currently at home in Iowa for the past forty-plus years

Biographically speaking…

I am a former teacher of high school English, speech and drama—retired from education as of June 2009. I would genuinely like to make my living as a writer, currently working on many pieces of short fiction, a fantasy series set in medieval Sepharad, an historical novel about François Villon, a science fiction novel or five, and a contemporary horror story set in eastern Iowa. What about those (evolving and varying) “several pieces of short fiction?” Thereʼs The Tourist, a series of… (suspense? mystery?) stories about a serial killer in first person (someday publication could permit me deduct a lot of vacation expenses here). And of course, Søren and Judah in Sepharad, a fantasy series set in medieval Spain/al-Andalus, and…

I am also seeking publication for my plays.

Persons or organizations interested in producing my plays, assigning freelance writing jobs, or publishing my fiction should contact me via e-mail.

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