Longer Items

In the interest of consolidation, I will collect the longer pieces of writing I have posted off this central page for … longer pieces of writing.

Currently those longer selections include:

the untitled eastern Iowa horror story

The Book of Seasons

Morte Saison

the Sepharad story

Stars in Heaven

Ayn-Sof, or 1984 Science and Kabbalah

Pondering Freedom of Religion

On Samuel Spade and The Maltese Falcon

On the Burden of Racism (or “Reflections in the Eye of Apartheid”)

Tarzan, considered as an archetypal rebel (and good for him, too)

“Danse Macabre” (critical essay on Dorothy Parkerʼs “The Waltz”)

Artificial Realities — the sources and origins of modern art

Taking “The Road Not Taken”

Rock-Solid Certainty: Naming the Ills in “Tergvinderʼs Stone”

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